Presents: Hat Rack, a Top Hat Storefront

Tracking Questions

Progress Tracking

Track progress for how far we've gotten on the storefront.

Front End

Client-side operations, including designs.

Back End

Server-side operations and processing.

Optional Features

Extra features built on top of the base functionality for extra shine or functionality.

Questions / FAQ

This section will be used for frequently asked questions, as well as addressing general concerns and inquiries.

What forms of payment will you accept?

We can accept credit card, debit card, and direct debit at this time, all available through our payment processor.

Will you allow paypal?

We cannot accept Paypal at this time, due to content restrictions on their end.

What about cryptocurrency?

This is currently being looked into and talked about with our processor.

Will your store be curated?

Yes, our storefront will be curated.

What do you gauge during curation?

We know things can be hard to gauge in this respect, but our most important factor is "does this look like the developer cares"? In other words, are there placeholder assets? Is anything stolen? If translated, is the quality better than machine translation?

As we get closer to launch, we'll give a more explicit rundown of these factors and how we will gauge these things.

I read something about filtering, does this mean you'll police content?

Our "filtering" has nothing to do with personal opinion or morality policing, it has to do with complying with territorial laws of where we're selling.

It is a common misconception that the location of the store dictates what can be sold; this is not true. While you can internally hold something on a store, if you are selling in a territory, you must comply with that territory's laws.

Laws can be pretty broad. How are you determining what's legal?

We're working with our payment processor on this, as they have a list of restrictions as to what can be sold in available territories, as well as extrapolations of this.

Will you really accept anything?

We will accept almost anything. We don't intend on morality or taste policing. However, some things we just can't sell because of the almost universal illegality of the content. We will give a specific list of these restrictions as we get closer to launch.

Will you accept (x)? It has (y) in it.

We will be gauging products on a case by case basis as submitted to us. However, we will be as clear as we possibly can as to restrictions, boundaries, etc. When we get closer to launch we'll put out a public listing of these thigns.

Will you allow patchable versions of games?

If we cannot sell something in a certain region or there is content that conflicts with restrictions, then we will allow versions of the game that have that content removed and a patch offered. We will not offer the patch ourselves and leave this to the developers.

What about DRM?

Products distributed on our site will be DRM-Free. However, developers can feel free to distribute keys for other platforms at their behest.

Will you have regional pricing? Can I pay in (x) currency?

We know this is a highly requested feature and it's something we're prioritizing. We'll give more information about this prior to launch.

Will you sell non-R18/all ages games?.

We will, as long as they are a good fit fore the store. We are not explicitly an adult storefront. However, there should ideally be some overlap in audience.

What features will your store have?

We're working on launching a store which is fully featured; this means, a game library for registered users, a wishlist, gifting, etc. We don't want it to be bloated, but we want a balance of everything you'd want from a store you repeatedly use. You will also not need an account, so these features are optional.

Will you allow mobile games/apks?

This was recently brought up to us and we're looking into it. We're interested, but it may not be a launch feature.

Why should be we use your store over others?

That's a good question. Our storefront is tailored in a way to be as consumer friendly as possible. We know there's a lot of storefronts popping up, but we want to create a place which organically brings people back to it, rather than arbitrarily forcing traffic with things like exclusives.

We're building a storefront which is going to be as encompassing as possible feature-wise, while also never demanding "too much" of the consumer. Things like wishlists, a centralized library, gifting, etc. are all features rarely found on stores that allow this type of content. Our interest in regional pricing and multi-currency support as well. Besides this, recent events have shown that certain games are not wanted on certain platforms. Because of this, we will act as a store for products which may have a hard time finding a home on bigger platforms. We hope these factors of a clear, diverse library and extra, highly requested features will cultivate a happy experience for users. We want to create a platform that consistently listens to both users and developers, and is transparent with policy, and accessible feature-wise; and thus brings the best experience we can to both.