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Why Are We Doing This?

Our decision to make a storefront has been something we've been internally circulating for quite a long time. As a publisher, one of our biggest concerns with our products is not just having a set of consistent storefronts for selling on, but a consistent place for our fans to be able to buy our titles as well. To be blunt, things happen, and when things fall out of our control, it may hurt us, but more than anything, it hurts our customers. Inconsistency, incompetence, and numerous other problems are just a few issues you deal with when things are out of your direct control. We greatly cherish our partnerships with all storefronts our titles are currently available on; so to be clear, we will continue to sell our titles on these places in addition to our own. Certain stores do a great job at certain things. However, we want to create a space which we can rely on internally - and in turn, create a space other developers can rely on as well. We want a place for our fans to be able to consistently find our products, and also a place to direct new fans to. In short, we want to step in and fix a number of problems ourselves, instead of relying on the chance others will.

How Are We Doing This?

Our storefront is not going to be a client. We're a small company, and we're not delusional to think we can create a platform to compete with companies exponentially larger than us. We hear customers loud and clear - you don't want more software bogging you down. So what are we doing? We're creating a Humble Bundle-like storefront. Accounts can be made for easier tracking of games, but you won't need one to buy anything. No bloat, and no bullshit. We'll be selling both standalone games, as well as bundles, again similar to Humble Bundle or IndieGala. Maybe physical media in the future as well. We're not just slapping some five minute shopify template together either - we're creating our storefront from scratch, made with fans in mind first. It will not be a single page, but an optimized, fully designed storefront. We care, and we want it to show - both for customers and fellow developers.

Information For Customers

We're building our storefront tailored to customers. There will be no censorship on our end, at all - we will allow almost any product, with the exception of actually illegal content of course. We are also doing our best to create the most consumer-friendly storefront we can. This includes responsive support, a fair refund policy, and again, no bloat or detours. We will also be offering bundles similar to Humble Bundle, specifically for R18 games. We will not be offering exclusives or anything either, as we know in the end this hurts consumers more than it does create actual competition. Basically, the tenets of our storefront will be transparency, accessibility, and fairness.

Information for Developers

We want to create a fair, transparent environment for developers. Since we will be allowing almost any content, our payment processor's fees are much higher than they would be for "safe" content. We will be offering a standard 70/30 split because of this. We will also provide support for you when possible, and most importantly, we will be actively buying advertising space beyond the organic traffic and marketing/promotion we do ourselves. As we have said above, we will accept almost all content, as long as it is legal. We will do our best to foster a clear, communicative relationship with developers we partner with. For bundles, we will also provide a fair split for all involved, more information of which will be distributed as we move forward. Please note this is separate from our publishing wing.

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